review unit requests

We love it when people review our devices and share their experiences, and we try to honor as many review requests as we can. Unfortunately, our supply of review units is limited, and we cannot accommodate all requests. To help respond to your request as quickly as possible, please do the following:

Submit your request to We cannot respond to requests made to other email addresses or via other channels such as our social media accounts.

Please include the following required information:

  • Your name
  • Which country you are located in
  • Which device or devices you are requesting
  • The name of the media, publication or social channel you represent
  • A link to your site, channel or profile
  • The size of your audience or other similar metric for your reach, such as subscribers or social followers. If your audience is principally outside the country you live in, please provide details.

You are welcome to furnish any other information that you think would help us to evaluate your request.

We will reply to all requests as fast as we can.


Motorola Reviews Team

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