A Year of Resilience

Every time this year, it’s natural to look back at what has happened over the past months. I could not be more proud of how our team has been handling this uncharted territory together. We worked in entirely new ways, to take all measures to protect our employees and keep them moving towards our goals. From new ways of engineering, streamlining production lines and permanently making our supply chain more robust and flexible,  to shifting our marketing and communications to adapt to how consumers are interacting with brands and products during this difficult time.  Internally, we’ve put more focus on our people than ever before. 

With resilience, we are moving forward in some of the most trying times. Resilience is the word I would use to describe Motorola in the year 2020, and I know that together we can overcome any issue put in front of us from next year on.  

Bringing smarter technology for all to life
This year we achieved many recognizable milestones as a company, including several 5G achievements, 100M lifetime sales of our moto g family, and the launch of our newest flagship and foldable devices.

5G for all
We were the first to deliver 5G back in 2018 with our 5G moto mod and this year, we continued democratizing this space with the launch of several 5G products across all franchises and price points. With the launch of 5G products across our portfolio (from motorola edge family to moto g 5G plus), we brought the power of 5G into more consumers’ hands.  I’m eager to see how we continue this momentum into 2021, especially as we continue to build out a complete 5G ecosystem with Lenovo. 

Designing for what matters
Consumer needs have completely evolved this year, and our team had to rethink and emphasize meaningful innovation by quickly bringing to market the technology consumers need right now. With a focus on features like battery life, camera and display, we’re designing devices with technology and solutions that matter most to consumers. We’ve also continued our success with the moto g family, by launching two new generations of moto gs, introducing two 5G compatible moto g devices, and achieving sales of more than 100 million moto g smartphones since the first generation was released in 2013. Looking ahead, this next year will mark the 10th generation of our moto g family, and we have a lot of exciting innovations planned – including bringing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series experience to the family. 

Redefining Boundaries
2020 also marked our return to the flagship space with the launch of our motorola edge family in April.  In addition, this past September we introduced the second generation of a fashion icon that embraces the full potential of the foldable form factor – razr 5G. Its unmatched compact capability for a next-gen mobile experience. In partnership with Lenovo, this year we also introduced the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel – an extension of an already established & well-loved Legion franchise that aligns with this device’s specific mission to delight mobile gaming consumers. The introduction of each of these devices  has demonstrated our ability to lead with innovation and seamless design. 

business results and performance
Despite the volatility of 2020, Lenovo’s Mobile Business Group (MBG) is ending the year with strong results and performance on a global scale. We continued to grow as a business and restarted work in several markets this year. For our MBG, this past quarter marked our second consecutive quarter of profitability with year over year growth seen globally. Across our markets, we’re gaining market share, expanding our consumer reach and increasing brand awareness. 

continued growth heading into 2021
Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue this momentum into 2021, with several upcoming launches and exciting initiatives on the horizon. 5G will continue to be a priority and in 2021, you can expect a number of new developments from Motorola in this area. We are also putting an emphasis on strengthening our B2B business – bringing security, trusted motorola devices and services into enterprise settings included in our Thinkshield for mobile platform.  And finally, we’re envisioning a new way for smartphones to power experiences in the new normal; a way that will enable our consumers to unleash the power of their smartphones. 

We owe much of this success to our partners, customers, and loyal consumers. Thank you for your constant support and partnerships during this unprecedented time. As we say goodbye to 2020, I can’t wait for what’s coming for us and the industry in 2021.


Sergio Buniac
President, Motorola