say hello to longer battery life with these 4 tips

Increasingly, one of the concerns of smartphone users today more than ever is battery life. With technological advancements like larger screens, higher resolution and improved camera systems, battery life is becoming a major focus for consumers as they look for ways to increase their smartphone’s battery life and daily duration.

So what can you do to help make battery life last longer? Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery.

1. Adjust your screen settings
Maintaining a better battery life can be as simple as adjusting the brightness of your screen according to the lighting you need at any given moment. With motorola devices, when you enable the built-in automatic brightness adjustment, your phone does this for you, adapting the brightness of your smartphone’s screen based on the ambient light around you. 

Additionally, shortening the time it takes for your screen to go dark when you’re not using it can help you improve battery life and avoid any accidental screen touches.

2. Keep your system up to date and clean
Updates are what will allow you to enjoy the latest usability advancements introduced, like battery security enhancements, or improvements in battery performance and usage.

In addition to updating your phone frequently, only downloading apps that you’re actually going to use will help with battery life as well. Most apps, even when we’re not using them, consume resources behind the scene, and therefore use some of your valuable battery life. This is also true with software and apps automatically included on devices by manufacturers. Luckily, across all of our devices at Motorola, there are no clunky software skins or duplicate apps – so you can optimize battery life and only include the apps that are most important to you.

3. Modify your functionality settings
From the battery saver function to reducing the use of GPS, there are a number of functionality settings that you can turn on or off to help reduce battery usage. 

    • Battery Saver: Once you’re down to 15% to 5% battery life, you can manually or automatically turn on battery saver settings to reduce the amount of battery life being used to transmit data and synchronize apps in the background. This includes limiting vibrations from tapping, incoming calls or alarms, as well as reducing graphic optimization and processing resources.
    • Reduce Unnecessary Widgets: Widgets are, by nature, always available and up-to-date. By turning them off or reducing the number of widgets you have available at a given time, you can avoid resulting battery loss and optimize the daily duration of your device.
    • Turn off GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth when not using: Network availability and signal strength often shorten your daily performance, so when you’re finished using these features make sure to turn them off to optimize your battery life. 

4. Invest in a new device with a larger battery
Technology is constantly advancing, and that’s also true for smartphone battery and charging technology. If you’ve tried all of these tips and still don’t have the battery life you’re looking for, it might be time to invest in a newer device.

Motorola has always prioritized battery life across each of our franchises. In fact, in a recent Tom’s Guide article, our devices made up over 40% of a list of the best smartphones for battery life of 2020.  And, our latest battery-centric device, the moto g9 power, boasts an industry-leading 6000 mAh battery, the largest ever in a Motorola phone, so you can experience the unbelievable freedom of going up to 60 hours on a single charge without carrying power banks or checking for plugs everywhere you go¹. We know consumers love an immersive camera and entertainment experience, but enjoying these power-heavy features to their fullest of course drains the phone battery. Now you can stay on the line longer for video calls, binge watch more shows, and enjoy more carefree interactions without having to worry about recharging.


Running out of battery in the middle of the day doesn’t have to be an issue – as is the case with most Motorola devices. Plus, with the right care, you can make the most of your battery life and continue to live life to the fullest.


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