Motorola introduces ThinkShield for mobile focused on corporate customers

Motorola is introducing ThinkShield for mobile, an extension of Lenovo’s ThinkShield portfolio, to deliver best-in-class business-grade security, manageability, productivity, and service features for our smartphones. Security has always been a priority at Motorola, and as mobile threats continue to evolve, we are further strengthening our commitment to it.

With this program, we are uniquely positioned to offer a combination of solutions, resources, investment and focus, to bring a comprehensive set of features to business customers.

Additionally, Lenovo already accounts for 1 out of 3 commercial PCs sold worldwide. By extending the ThinkShield framework to mobile, Motorola and Lenovo are bringing an unparalleled solution to deliver a seamless offering, under one roof, with security that transcends device categories.

Building on ThinkShield’s robust framework, ThinkShield for mobile embodies four fundamental principles:

1. Clean OS – By providing one of the purest versions of Android, limiting preloaded applications and complex UI layers, we minimize the potential for security vulnerabilities in our devices.­

2. Secure by design – multiple layers of security built on:

        • World-class platform security that is incorporated into all Motorola devices. On top of Android’s Core Security and Policies, we design security into our hardware  (with features such as Hardware Based Revocation, Hardware Root of Trust, Unlocked Bootloader Fuse etc.) and create a chain of trust through system security (including Code Signing, Tamper Proof Identity, Secure Boot and other features).
        • Ability to further protect our devices against malware, phishing and network attacks through Artificial Intelligence based defense solutions.

3. Always-on manageability – ease of deployment and management through solutions and key partnerships, including:

        • Zero-touch enrollment for a seamless deployment of corporate-owned devices.
        • Certifications and partnerships with endpoint management providers to ensure close alignment with leading industry solutions.
        • Suite of enhanced services including dedicated enterprise support for total peace of mind.

4. End-to-end approach – complete protection throughout the product’s life cycle through our:

        • Trusted Supplier Program – Industry-leading program designed to ensure that every supplier meets the high-security standards set by our customers. 
        • Secure Factory Provisioning – Robust processes to securely provision keys, certificates and device data on each device.
        • Incident Response Team – A team of security professionals dedicated to responding to security incidents.

To accelerate our ThinkShield for mobile portfolio, Motorola has created a Center of Excellence to focus on software, security, services and solutions expansion. Additionally, we are partnering with industry leaders in the space to provide state of the art solutions with the goal of meeting our customers’ most critical requirements.

As a result, on top of an already strong portfolio of Android Enterprise Recommended devices, every Motorola smartphone will include ThinkShield for mobile. Over the coming months, we will be introducing ThinkShield for mobile on all our devices and launching new models with additional features to address the rigorous requirements of our business customers.

At Motorola, we strive to deliver meaningful innovation and to move the industry forward. And this spirit continues as we introduce the ThinkShield for mobile program, to provide peace of mind to our customers in this world of ever-increasing mobile threats, more demanding productivity, device management and service needs.

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