introducing Camera 3.0: putting what users want within reach

Recently, there’s been an emphasis on camera hardware and software on smartphones as consumers continue to demand higher quality photo-taking experiences. From multi-sensor camera systems to features like Spot Color or Shot Optimization, smartphone users want a device that can make photography simpler. At Motorola, we know how important of a role user interface plays in making the camera experience as seamless as possible, which is why we’re excited to introduce our redesigned camera app. 

While there are a number of great features from the previous user interface that will be carried over, the last generation was designed with smaller screen sizes in mind.  With our updated camera app, we’ve built a user interface that is more flexible, modular, and that can grow with the height of our screens. To do this we focused on five core design principles and a variety of updates that offer more intuitive organization and easier access to settings and features:

  • Intuitive: With so many AI options to choose from these days, it can be confusing knowing which ones are being used and how to turn them on and off. That’s why we’ve moved certain control options like timer and flash below the viewfinder so that consumers know what is going to be used when capturing a picture. And with features like Zooming, we’ve relocated these to the bottom of the viewfinder making it easier to handle in one hand. 
  • Intelligent: Our devices do the work for you with AI features like Scene Detection. And with this new interface, we’ve relocated these features to the top of the screen so users can easily toggle them on and off and quickly see when the device is automatically detecting a scene or suggesting certain modes like night vision or portrait. 
  • Refined: To make for a more engaging experience, we also included an overall visual refresh. Elements like live blur effect, rounded corners and fewer icons mean users can enjoy a cleaner, more refined look. 
  • Empowering: Customizability is a major focus for our consumers and we wanted to bring the ability to personalize your experience into the camera app. For example, the “shooting modes” carousel has been simplified and relocated to the bottom of the viewfinder for quick toggling between photo and video. You can even customize this carousel with the top modes that you use most frequently, so you get exactly what you want out of your camera app experience. 
  • Flexible: Finally, we wanted to simplify controls, the number of icons, and the overall ease of use for the camera app on all of our devices. We’ve built this new interface to work flawlessly across all future devices – regardless of screen size or franchise. For example, with razr 5G, having a seamless interface experience on both the smaller front display and the larger main display is key, and our refreshed camera app allows for that. 

We think these changes let users optimize their camera experience, prioritizing the shooting modes & image settings that consumers use the most. Our redesigned camera app rolled out with the new razr 5G in September and will continue to be available on other devices launching this year and moving forward.