stay connected to what matters while living in the moment

When it comes to razr 5G, design was our primary focus. We’ve heard from consumers that they feel tethered to their devices and want a way to stay connected while still living in the moment. We found the perfect way to do that with a foldable form factor. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and effort creating a rich and immersive second-screen experience with the Quick View display. 

From viewing notifications and making calls to taking selfies and playing music, the razr 5G Quick View display allows consumers to experience all of these things without ever having to open the phone  – so you can say connected to what matters with fewer distractions. 

  1. view notifications, make calls, and reply to messages: It also helps users make decisions so they spend less time scrolling and more time getting stuff done. The intuitive home screen allows users to quickly scroll through notifications and decide which to address and whether they need to unlock their phone and dive deeper. This allows users to make the most of their experience with razr 5G when it’s closed and reducing the chances of getting lost in endless app distractions.

  2. take social media worthy selfies: The 48MP camera with Quad Pixel technology captures sharp, vibrant photos. With the phone flipped closed, it also doubles as the most advanced selfie camera on the market through the Quick View display. The dual displays also enable a few cool camera features that are simply impossible on other devices:

    Camera Cartoon helps maintain the subject’s focus by showing a fun animation on the Quick View display while the camera app is open on the main Flex View display.

    Instant Review shows a preview of your photo on the Quick View display after capture. 

    External Preview mirrors the viewfinder on the Quick View display so that your subjects can see the photo before it’s captured. 


  3. customize your experience: We’ve put control into the user’s hands so they can customize their Quick View display experience. The app panel allows users to open any app they’ve downloaded right on the Quick View display, for added functionality without opening the phone. And with MyUX, users can even create their own device themes by choosing from unique fonts, colors, and icon shapes, so their phone is one in a million. So when users swipe down to see quick settings or swipe left to see your quick view app tray, your personal style still comes through with the wallpaper, icon shapes, fonts, and colors.


  4. and so much more: Even while the phone is closed, with razr’s Quick View display you can play songs, get directions, pay with a tap and use Google Assistant.

Live in the moment with all these features and more on the new razr 5G. To learn more please visit