4 ways the motorola one 5G display enhances your smartphone experience

From streaming movies to scrolling through pictures, having a smartphone that can beautifully and seamlessly display your content is a necessity for most consumers. Luckily, the new motorola one 5G brings our largest display ever to the mid-tier segment – so you can enjoy both the power of 5G connectivity and the benefits of a large, high-quality display for an outstanding experience. 

To put this in perspective, here are 4 ways the motorola one 5G’s display can enhance your daily smartphone experience:

maximized viewing screen: With more time to stream your favorite movies or T.V. shows, having a device that can flawlessly illustrate your video content is a must. And with the motorola one 5G’s 6.7″ CinemaVision FHD+ display you can do just that. The large display makes a big impression – the massive ultra-wide screen uses the same dimensions as the film industry, so your content looks and feels seamless.  And when you’re not streaming videos, the large display allows you to see more text at once – especially helpful when you’re browsing webpages, reviewing documents or reading emails.The large display combined with elements like the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765 processor and 5G connectivity, not only makes your content look and feel seamless but also provides for an overall faster, supercharged, more efficient viewing experience.

designed to fit comfortably in your hand: motorola one 5G’s unique 21:9 aspect ratio offers a beautifully streamlined design that’s easy to hold while elegantly accommodating the large, gorgeous screen. And while we love our unique aspect ratio, we put this to test with our consumers – which shows that 87% of users preferred the 21:9 ratio over other configurations, as it felt better in the hand and offered more reachability. This means that even with the large 6.7″ display you can still hold the device comfortably in one hand.

But the benefits of a 21:9 display do not stop at look and feel. Actually, these days two-thirds of Netflix original movies are filmed in a 21:9 ratio – which means you won’t have to deal with stretched or zoomed content.


smoother swiping, less lag: With a 90 Hz refresh rate and a practically bezel-free look, you’ll be blown away by the viewing experience on the motorola one 5G. If you spend a lot of time looking at your phone, the 90Hz screen refresh rate (which means the display refreshes 90 times per second) provides for an exceptionally smooth movement with every swipe and scroll and is also much easier on the eyes. So whether you’re scrolling through photos or browsing webpages you’ll see less motion blur and better image quality – providing you with an overall better viewing experience.This feature can also be toggled on and off to save battery, but because of the class-leading battery life, there is less of a need to do this. In fact, the 5,000mAh battery will provide you with a powerhouse performance to go for two full days without having to worry about slowing down or recharging.

better, more vibrant visuals:
Finally, the motorola one 5G’s display also has HDR10 technology that delivers sharp contrast and beautifully vibrant color stretching from edge-to-edge. This means all your friend’s and family’s pictures and videos will look just as clear as if you were right there with them. The rich colors, refined details and sharp contrast that comes from the display’s built-in HDR10 technology has also earned the motorola one 5G an Amazon HDR Certificate – meaning its passed strict HDR smartphone screen requirements that make for an exceptional streaming experience.