razr turns 16 today, and we think it’s had a pretty impressive #glowup

Sixteen years ago to the date the world was introduced to RAZR V3 – an icon among consumers known for its stylish and unique design. Since then, we introduced the world to the new razr  – the world’s first clamshell foldable smartphone –  reinvented for today. And to celebrate the razr’s sweet sixteen, we’re sharing some of the ways the razr’s transformation is a complete #glowup.

blush gold: the new hot pink
As the first cell phone that was both a coveted device and a cultural icon, RAZR V3 had the opportunity to do with color what other brands had not yet explored. While first launched in silver and followed up with the addition of a sleek black edition, between 2005 and 2006 – a time when fashion was daring, flashy and out-of-the-box – Motorola released a bold pink and limited-edition gold version of RAZR V3 that rocked the fashion and technology world. 

We recognize the importance of continuing razr’s legacy as a fashion icon and the emotional connection consumers have to the original razr and all its color options, which is why we also created the device in a modern blush gold color. This unique hue is a fresh variant of the pink and gold we’ve loved through the years, yet refreshed for a new decade. Eye-catching but understated, the blush gold color is reflective of a new generation of consumers who appreciate being playful and one-of-a-kind, while staying true to its sleek and refined roots.


reimagined hinge and chin design
The new razr was carefully designed and engineered utilizing the most impactful design elements from the original RAZR V3 – like the zero-gap hinge and iconic chin. While we had mastered creating a visible hinge design on the RAZR V3, a foldable smartphone requires the hinge to be hidden behind the display. After several prototypes, we landed on the zero-gap hinge you see on the device today, which makes both sides perfectly flush while protecting the display and creating a thinner, more compact design. The new razr also takes advantage of the device’s chin to house key components (like the antennas, speakers, and sensors) mirroring the sleek and seamless design of the RAZR V3 in a way that still protects the display. 

a refreshed outer display
The new razr has amazing DNA, with many elements of the device rekindling memories and passions from the early 2000s – including the popular front display. While in 2004, it was perfect for glancing at notifications, checking an incoming call, and even as a camera viewfinder when closed, today, it’s been completely refreshed to meet the existing needs of consumers. Recognizing that, at times, today’s consumers want to disconnect from or don’t want to be distracted by their phone, the larger, 2.7-inch OLED interactive quick view display allows for important tasks and information to be seen without having to open the phone. With the refreshed interactive Quick View display, users can make calls, reply to texts, pay with a tap, listen to music, take a selfie and view customized notifications all without ever opening the phone – providing for a modern, yet nostalgic smartphone experience. 

from buttons to a flippable touch screen
As with most flip phones in 2004, RAZR V3 required users to push buttons on a keypad instead of swiping, scrolling and tapping on a touchscreen. Now, at a time where consumers are looking for true innovation in form factor design, the reinvented razr fuses the pocket-ready size of a flip phone with the intelligence of a modern smartphone. An iconic look with a screen you can touch, users can enjoy all the benefits of a large touch screen but in a more pocketable design than the modern-day smartphone. Instantly familiar yet totally unique, the portable, ultra-compact phone can fold completely in half and easily fits in your pocket when you’re on the go but opens up to reveal a breathtaking full-length touch screen with the latest tech and a few new tricks. 

And for those users who want a glimpse of the past, activating Retro Mode changes the UI on the device to mimic that of the original. From the classic boot-up animation to navigating and dialing phone numbers by using only “buttons” on the keypad, retro mode gives users a much-needed blast from the past.  

double the cameras, double the selfies
An original unlike any other, the new razr comes equipped with not one but two cameras – one housed on the outer quick view display and the other on the inside of the device. Similar to the original razr, the new razr allows users to take photos when the device is closed with its front-facing camera. But in true #glowup fashion, the new razr makes it easier for users to open the camera with the Twist to Capture Moto Action and comes with several new camera AI features ideal for all your pose-striking and selfie needs. 

Thanks to modern technology and evolving consumer needs, razr has gone through quite the transformation over the years. And despite impressive upgrades to its design and key features, the new razr is at its core bringing to consumers an element of nostalgia and style that made the original device so well known and loved in the first place. Happy Birthday, razr! #razrglowup #glowup