from better selfies to more screen: the benefits of Motorola’s pop-up cameras

While sending texts, navigating social channels, looking at pictures, playing games and even streaming TV shows are typical activities we do on our smartphones, now more than ever we’re seeing the role of smartphones in our everyday lives expanding. As these activities become more habitual in our current situations, a large screen with no distracting bezels or notches is a plus.  That’s why one of the newer technology trends in the smartphone industry is the pop-up camera – a camera that emerges when you need it and stays hidden when you don’t.

The pop-up camera is designers’ and engineers’ answer to solving consumer’s demand for a display that maximizes the entire screen without the interruption of a camera notch or bezel, and this form of technology offers consumers several advantages.

Photo by @jonaspapier

maximize your viewing screen

The trend of maximizing screen space took its first step with edge to edge displays. Consumers want devices with large screen sizes but that do not compromise on the overall size of the phone. However, even with edge to edge displays, the front camera is still in the way of a completely notch-less display. The most common solutions are the water drop or punch-hole display notch, which you’ll see used across most smartphones.


But the arrival of the retractable or “pop-up” camera is the most recent iteration of this design trend that we are seeing today, completely eliminating the need for any notch at the top of the screen. As seen in the motorola one hyper, this solution, which retracts under the screen when not active, allows consumers to take complete advantage of the display by maximizing screen real estate, giving you an overall better viewing experience – regardless of what you’re doing.   

take better quality selfies

The pop-up camera brings another equally important benefit to consumers: better quality selfies. With more space, engineers can fit a larger, higher quality camera into the front of the phone.  In the case of the motorola one hyper, this translates to a 32 MP pop-up selfie camera with quad pixel technology, night vision mode and other unique AI features, so you can enjoy quality pictures even in low light settings.

Additionally, if you need to take a selfie quickly, Motorola’s pop-up camera can be activated in just a fraction of a second by simply twisting your wrist, a Moto Action you can find built into all of Motorola’s devices. 


stress less about dropping your phone with a best in class protection

Dropping your phone is sometimes unavoidable, but no need to fret. The motorola one hyper’s pop-up camera houses a best in class drop protection mechanism that triggers it to automatically retract during a sudden drop or when the phone is flipped upside down – protecting it from any damage that could incur if it hits the ground hard.

Photo by @jonaspapier

As consumers continue to demand devices that really maximize the display, OEMs will continue to find creative ways to do so. As for Motorola, keep your eyes peeled for more pop-up selfie cameras coming soon!