supporting our communities during the coronavirus pandemic

As a diverse, global company, we believe we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to support our communities during these challenging times. 

While the list of initiatives the Lenovo Foundation has created to help communities combat the negative impact of this global pandemic is expansive, we’d like to highlight a couple of initiatives Motorola is proud to support directly. 

At Motorola, we understand the importance of staying connected during these uncertain times. That’s why we are donating over $500,000 worth of Motorola smartphones to support distance learning and U.S./Canada charities. Across several European countries, we are also donating smartphones to hospitals to help isolated patients connect with their families. In India, Motorola is also donating devices to non-profit organizations that are actively focused on finding ways to improve education in India by using smart technology. We’re grateful to our partners for helping to make these gifts possible.

In addition to these local initiatives, we’re also joining forces with Lenovo to offer consumers a free global warranty extension for up to 75 days through May 31, 2020 for all Lenovo/Motorola smartphones and Lenovo consumer PCs, tablets, smart home devices, consumer augmented/virtual reality devices, monitors and accessories with warranties that are coming to an end between March 15 through April 30, 2020. We hope that this will relieve some of the stress our consumers are experiencing so that they can continue to focus on what matters most – staying healthy, safe and connected with loved ones. 

We know there is still more to do and will continue to update this page as our efforts continue.

For more information on how Lenovo is giving back to its communities globally, please visit the Lenovo StoryHub