spring cleaning your device, inside and out

Our cell phones are one of the objects we touch most in our daily lives, and now more than ever we’re relying on our phones to stay connected to our loved ones and to the world around us. Since our phones are always on hand, we should be paying special care to sanitize our devices regularly.

cleaning your device

To best protect your device when cleaning it, be sure to turn it off prior to cleaning. It’s fine to use disinfecting wipes with isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe your display, avoiding bleach-based cleaners and abrasive cloths, including paper towels and other materials with rough surfaces. Use a soft cloth moistened with cleaning solution or a disinfecting wipe to wipe down the surface of the phone, making sure not to get any moisture in the phone’s openings like the charging port, headphone jack, microphones or speakers. Do not submerge your phone in any cleaning agents, even if it’s water repellent. If you use a phone case, be sure to clean it thoroughly before placing it back on the phone – better yet, now may be a good time to start using a new case or replacing your screen protector for a fresh start.

decluttering your digital life

Your spring cleaning doesn’t just have to stop there – it’s a great time to do some cleaning on the “inside” of your device as well. A good place to start is decluttering any unwanted files or photos from your device. Files by Google is great for storage management, helping you free up space on your phone, find files faster and share them easily with others. It gives personalized suggestions depending on how you interact with the phone, and it can back up files to Google Drive or another cloud storage platform, without taking up much room on your phone.

Since Google Photos is the native photo app on all our devices, you don’t have to worry about deleting photos to make room for more – but that may mean you’ve accumulated unneeded snapshots and screenshots that you can now delete. Thankfully, photos that are safely backed up can be removed from your device’s storage in just a tap.

Good cyber hygiene also includes updating your passwords regularly. We already make your digital life easier by offering fingerprint scanning on many of our devices so you have one less password to remember. But for applications and sites where you do use a password, now is a good time to update them and ensure each password is unique and complex for added security.

In collaboration with Google, Motorola offers a variety of Digital Wellbeing features that help you manage your phone usage and content. The Digital Wellbeing dashboard gives you a view of your daily digital habits, so you can see the amount of time spent in each app, how often you unlock your phone, and a breakdown of notifications received. You can check how much screen time you spend on certain apps, see if there are apps you might be using for too many hours, or there may be apps you no longer use that you can now delete. You can also use Digital Wellbeing to manage notifications and set a bedtime schedule to help you wind down and create healthier habits.

old phones for a good cause

And if you’ve been spring cleaning in your household and have found old phones you’re ready to dispose of, you can always recycle your devices with Motorola. We’re proud to offer a mail-back program that allows customers to return certain Motorola-branded products for recycling free of charge. We also participate in the Call2Recycle program which allows rechargeable batteries from Motorola products, such as lithium ion batteries, to be recycled free of charge as well. Just make sure to erase all data from your devices before sending them in – all the info you need can be found on our website.

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