Make your everyday extraordinary with the new moto z3 play

There are lots of premium smartphones on the market today, yet many consumers struggle to find one with all the features they want that is also accessible to them. We’re challenging this with the moto z3 play. It continues the moto z legacy adding next level edge-to-edge display into sophisticated Motorola design and puts AI at your fingertips with dual depth-sensing smart cameras and smarter contextual computing. It’s a high quality, premium mobile experience accessible to everyone, with must-have features that matter most, and the opportunity to go beyond the everyday with moto mods. The best part about moto z3 play is it will get better with time as new moto mods become available and AI and Moto Experiences get richer.

Do more with moto mods
Your mobile experience doesn’t end with your phone. That’s why moto z and moto mods1 push beyond the limitations of ordinary smartphones, giving you advanced features in a snap. Our modular technology transforms your moto z3 play into a mobile experience that lets you explore your passions. Print Polaroid® photos straight from your phone in seconds, project a 70” screen wherever you are or tap a personal assistant for music, news, questions and more. To put it simply, the moto z family does what no other smartphone can. And, because of our commitment to backward compatibility, all your favorite moto mods work with your new moto z3 play.

Designed for you, with edge-to-edge views:
We designed moto z3 play with you in mind. It’s made entirely from Corning® Gorilla® Glass and lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum for strength. See more – and scroll less – with 13 percent more screen area and more pixels per inch than the last generation within the same device dimensions. The 6” Full HD Super AMOLED display gives you edge-to-edge views for binging a hot new show or catching up on your favorite blog. moto z3 play is a perfect blend of maximum screen and minimum phone handling gymnastics. The fingerprint sensor is mounted on the side to declutter the screen and giving you a natural ergonomic location with fast, convenient access. And we’ve added the simple gesture-based One Button Nav bar at the bottom further improving the usability of a large screen.

An intelligent camera experience:
Capture brilliant, sharp photos even on cloudy days or indoors with dual 12MP and 5MP AI-powered cameras, a first for moto z3 play. Get creative with the depth-sensing AI camera’s new photo features, including Cinemagraphs. With Google Lens2™ built right in, the moto z3 play’s smart camera allows you to augment your world by recognizing objects so you can search and shop better, interact with text3, and learn more about landmarks you visit. The smart camera adds Cinemagraphs for a fun and creative touch to your photos by freezing a moment in a video while keeping part of the shot animated – a unique combination of video and photo. And for that perfect selfie, all you have to do is select portrait mode and the moto z3 play’s upgraded 8MP front camera takes care of the rest.

The performance you need:
moto z3 play provides faster performance and AI assisted interactions so you can be more productive on your smartphone. We’ve made this years moto z play 30 percent faster with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon 636 processor. But getting more done on your phone is not only attributed to chipset speed, it’s a function of shortening the distance between action and intent. Natural language interaction is playing an increasingly important role in this. Always chatting with Google Assistant? moto z3 play excels at voice interaction. Featuring four microphones and low power natural language processing , moto z3 play will pick up your voice even when you’re not holding your phone or in a noisy environment.

Moto Experiences:
moto z3 play comes with all the intuitive Moto Experiences you love, including Moto Display4 and Moto Actions. They let you easily access useful phone functionality at exactly the right time. Before you go to bed, night display automatically adjusts your screen to warmer tones to help you sleep. Need to snap a picture? Just twist your wrist to open the camera. Need extra light? Turn on the flashlight with a simple chop-chop motion. Take a screenshot using quick screenshot capture with an easy three finger gesture.

Bundles that work for you:
Customizing your smartphone to match your own wants and needs is more accessible thanks to moto z3 play + moto mod bundles. Whether you’re looking for more power – up to 40 hours of combined battery life5 when you attach a Moto Power Pack – or entertainment on the go, moto mod bundles have you covered. Check with your local team on bundles for your market.

Availability and Pricing:
moto z3 play will be available in Brazil today starting at R$ 2,299, and will roll out globally starting this month.

The new moto z3 play will be available this summer in the U.S. at Sprint and U.S. Cellular. The moto z3 play will also be available universally unlocked at retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Fry’s, B&H Photo, and a Prime Exclusive Phone on At retail, the moto z3 play will be bundled with a battery moto mod for $499. The new moto z3 play will be available this summer in Canada at Videotron, Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, MTS, and SaskTel.

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