From DynaTAC to Moto Z, 44 Years of Motorola Milestones

April 3, 1973 – it’s hard to believe it was on this date 44 years ago Motorola publicly demonstrated the world’s first portable cellular telephone and system. The phone call, placed by Motorola employee Martin Cooper, was made using a prototype of the Motorola DynaTAC, a device larger than some of today’s e-readers.

Fast forward to 2017, and it’s estimated this year 5 billion people will be using mobile phones – with South Korea (88 percent), Australia (77 percent), Israel (74 percent) and the U.S. (72 percent) leading the pack with the highest population percentages owning a mobile device.

The progression of cell phones in less than half a century is truly awesome – so, as we celebrate this anniversary of our famous first call, let’s take a look back at just how far mobile technology has come.


The Future of Smartphones
What will mobile phones look like in the next 50 years as consumers increasingly look for their smartphone to help them achieve more meaningful experiences? The possibilities are endless, but you can expect to see innovations in battery life, design and materials and modularity – three trends people agree are the most important as smartphones continue to evolve.