Magnifying Community Impact: Motorola Dedicates Music Studio in São Paulo, Brazil

Our mission: to promote the social inclusion of low-income youth in Brazil through cultural entrepreneurship. The result? “Estúdio Moto” (Moto Studio) in Kemel, a community in the district of Poá, São Paulo.

Estúdio Moto – launching this month in partnership with Instituto Gerando Falcões (IGF) – will give 12 young, aspiring artists from the community a chance to record their music each year. IGF’s efforts are focused on providing education and resources to public school students through music and arts, with this idea born as a result of the IGF-sponsored “MCs of Education” project recently conducted in local public schools that uses rap and funk as teaching tools.

Each artist will also be able to participate in a workshop on social networks and entrepreneurship to learn how to promote their career, as well as training courses in cultural production to help establish a foundation for generating employment and income in their future.

“We wanted to create something that could change the lives and futures of young people in the community,” said Eduardo Lyra, the creator and leader of IGF. “Estúdio Moto is representative of the opportunities companies like Moto are generating to promote true transformation in communities around the world.”

In Brazil, we are excited to continue this partnership with IGF as part of our global commitment to improving lives and communities through the innovative use of technology and entrepreneurship.