Time-lapse Inspiration: Make a beautiful video like this professional videographer in Hawaii

While there’s a lot to love about our Camera app, we also love our creative Android developers community, which makes fantastic additional apps for your whimsy. Today, we’d like to spotlight Lapse It Pro, which is an app that helps you take time-lapses and makes stop-motion videos.

We asked a professional videographer at 9th Ave Studio in Hawaii to take a Moto X out to shoot time-lapses and this was the beautiful result:

Want to make the most of your Moto X camera? Here are some other cool built-in camera tricks:

  • Take a short cut and open your Camera quickly. Use Quick Capture by simply twisting your wrist twice to launch your Camera app and never miss a shot.
  • Add some drama with 120 fps slow-motion.
  • Get the full effect with a panorama shot. Select panorama mode by opening by swiping right from the left edge of your screen.
  • Save some time by using Recommended Shot which helps you choose the best picture.
  • Take a selfie out of arm’s reach. Just call to your Moto X using your voice trigger and say, “Take a selfie.”
  • Store and easily share your photos from the cleanly designed Gallery app.
  • Backup your photos and videos automatically to Google Drive, so you don’t need to worry about losing your memories.

What are your favorite Moto X videos and camera tips? Share them with us on our Google+, Twitter, or Facebook, using the hashtag #MyMotoX.

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