How Moto X inspired these West Hollywood stylists

Spring is here and with the warm weather are endless ideas for cute looks. We’re a big believer in choosing your own style, which is why we give you the choice to customize your Moto X in a variety of different combinations, including genuine leather and wood backs. So we asked West Hollywood-based fashion experts at The Style List on Sunset Boulevard for their advice on creating a look that works.

They gave three tips:

Tip #1: Make a statement – A statement piece is a great way to define your look. It could be a skirt you love, a bold piece of jewelry—or even your phone!

Tip #2: Customize your style – It doesn’t matter what this season’s trends are—the most important thing is that you’re your own person! Make the style your own by choosing pieces and colors you love.

Tip #3: Be inspired – Look around you for inspiration to bring together your outfit or your style. Your statement piece could be a great place to start.

Want to see happens when you put these tips to work? The Style List uses customized Moto X’s as their statement pieces and put together three adorable outfits based on the phones:

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