Moto Maker for Moto 360: It’s time to design a watch to fit your style

You have a style all your own. Now, you can customize a modern watch that satisfies your personal tastes and have it delivered to your door step. Introducing Moto Maker for Moto 360.

Choose from three case finishes: dark metal, light metal or champagne gold. Then pick one of nine bands, including leather, metal, and our new mono-link design, a modern take on the classic metal band style. Complete your design by choosing one of 11 watch faces. Once you get your watch, it’s easy to swap watch faces from our collection or through Google Play.

Need some inspiration? Each watch has a personality all its own. Ever think about how you would describe yours? Here are just a few fun watch personalities that might come through with these new combinations:

Professor Hip
Light Finish Case with 22mm Cognac Leather Band

It’s 20 years from tenure but this Moto 360’s leather band is ready to rock with any elbow patches. It’s even happy to provide notifications on the latest 17th Century Lit forums. Build your own Professor Hip.

Golden Goddess
Champagne Gold Finish Case with Cognac Leather Band

Does the champagne gold finish match a sun-kissed golden forearm? Of course it does. This watch keeps a constant eye on UV levels using its weather app—all while perfecting an impeccable watch tan line. Build your own Golden Goddess.

On-the-Go Stylist
Light Finish Case Champagne Gold Metal Band

Where “boyfriend” meets fashion trend, consider this watch your On-the-Go Stylist. It’ll add that finishing touch to whatever outfits you wear throughout the day, from your morning meetings to post-dinner drinks. Build your own On-the Go Stylist.

Wheeler Dealer
Light Finish Case Dark Metal Band

This watch style says that it’s here to close. It’s serious and sleek and ready for some smooth talking. A quick check of the messages may mean the final detail needed to seal the deal. Build your own Wheeler Dealer.

The Modernist
Light Finish Case with Slim Champagne Gold Metal Band

It is, in a word, impeccable. It prefers simplicity and elegance in both fashion and design. It could fit into any design magazine—cultivated with clean lines and polished steel—but instead it’s on your wrist. Build your own Modernist.

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