Our challenge: Create a premium smartphone experience for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. We put some of our top engineers on the task and the result is the new Moto E which brings some of our most premium experiences to our most affordable phone for the first time. Now more people everywhere can choose a great smartphone experience.

“When we were designing this new generation of Moto E, we went back to consumers who bought the first generation,” said Kristin Arnold, one of our consumer researchers. “We really listened to what they liked about the phone and how we could make this affordable device even more useful to them and more powerful.”

For instance, we heard you like taking pictures—selfies to be specific. So we added a front facing camera and, for the first time, we brought one of our most popular experiences on the Moto X to the new Moto E.

“Quick Capture has been one of the most popular features we have on Moto X. So we decided to bring it to Moto E, too. It’s just one more way we are able to bring our premium innovation into a smartphone that doesn’t break the bank,” said Michelle Gattuso, product management director.


There’s more than just Quick Capture, too. The new Moto E is engineered to include dual accelerometers that enable some of the most popular features found on Moto X. We included Moto Display and Motorola Assist. With Moto Display, the Moto E will stay dark until you nudge it or get a notification, so you can stay up on top of things with just a subtle glance. And with Motorola Assist’s Sleep Mode and Meeting Mode, you can tell Moto E when you don’t want to be bothered.

A phone is more than just what is inside of it. It’s also about how it looks and feels. The Moto E has a curved back, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and not bend in your back pocket. You can also choose a soft touch finish on the black Moto E for a more comfortable feel and better grip.<

And we sweated the small stuff.

“We embrace authentic materials and focus on even the tiniest design details, like the elegant spin finish around the camera bezel and texture on the buttons. This kind of attention to detail creates a premium look you usually see in more expensive devices,” said SangSoo Park, a designer for Moto E.


And we always want to give you the ability to personalize the device with customizable colors to fit your style. You can choose from among six colorful Motorola Bands that are easy to swap out. Not only are these patented bands designed to look great, but they also feature a unique ridged pattern which provides an even better grip.


Our President Rick Osterloh said it best, “We designed the Moto E with the idea that people shouldn’t have to pay a lot to join the connected world and experience it at its best. So we did what other companies weren’t doing with their affordable devices. We packed in great design, great engineering and great software. We’re also providing great customer service and software updates that continue long after you buy the phone. Now that’s real bang for the buck. And that’s what makes Moto E different. ”

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