5 Out-Of-The Box Things You Can Do With Your New Moto 360

So you took the plunge and made the wise decision to buy a brand new Moto 360. And now? You look fantastic. You feel fantastic. Now let’s get you up and running with five cool things you can do with your Moto 360 right out of the box.

Step It Up
Keep track of how many steps you take each day with Moto Body on Moto 360. You can also compare those numbers at the end of each week, as well as track your progress against your weekly goal. The better you do, the harder Moto 360 will push you to take more steps by increasing your goals.

Wrist and Shout
With Moto 360 you can respond to a Google Hangout just by using your voice. Just swipe left when a message comes in, select “Reply,” and say what’s on your mind.

Say Cheese
When you open the camera on your Motorola phone, a “Take a Photo” card will appear on your Moto 360. You can set your phone up away from you and use your watch as a remote control trigger to shoot photos on your phone.

Make a Face
Moto 360 has amazing watch faces to choose from right out of the box. That said, you can make your own by using Motorola Connect on your phone and choosing the “My Design” watch face. You can choose a pic from your phone’s photo gallery and customize the clock’s hands, accents, and tick marks. When you’re done, the new face will automatically sync to your Moto 360.

Block Party
If your phone is bursting at the seams with tons of cool apps, don’t worry—your Moto 360 doesn’t have to receive a notification for each one. You can choose which apps you want to see and which you’d like to hide. Simply open the Android Wear app on your phone, select “Settings,” then select “Block app notifications.” The apps you select won’t sync to your Moto 360. For some app notifications, you can even use your watch to swipe all the way to the left to block further notifications.

Posted by Lally Narwal, Product Marketing

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