Ah, 2015. A fresh, new start. Maybe you want to get in better shape, be more organized, or multitask better. Or maybe none of those things sound right and you just want to slow it down. It’s up to you. Here are four ideas to help you choose a new you in the New Year.

Choose to be You
Sometimes the right thing is to zig when everyone else is zagging. Don’t be afraid to strut who you really are with the dozens of colors, materials, and other personal customizations with your phone, Play around with Moto Maker and create a Moto X unique to you.

Choose to Be Healthy
There’s so much good food and good times at the holidays, but if you’re looking to the New Year to be healthier, Moto Body on Moto 360 may help you meet your goals. Effortlessly track your heart rate, activity level, and more.
Choose to Take It Easy
You’ve noticed something in the past year: your hands are always full. Enter Moto Hint, which allows you to control your phone with just your voice, so that you can give your hands a rest. And yes, you could totally talk to your phone from your exercise bike—or couch.
Choose to be Proactive
Maybe it’s Dad, an aunt or a buddy. They’re the voice of reason who always gives the sensible advice like protecting the new thing you love. Take that step and protect your new device in case the unthinkable happens and something injures your new baby.

What are your resolutions for the new year? Let us know on our Facebook, Google+, or on Twitter using the hashtag #motonewyear.

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