‘Twas the night before Christmas, and I, home alone.
Sat typing texts on my outdated phone.
After sending the last, I folded it closed.
Then laid my head down for a holiday doze.

As I lay sleeping, a sound in the distance.
I rushed to the door to offer assistance.
I looked all around me, and there in the snow.
A neatly wrapped box with a ribbon and bow.

I lifted the box and shook it with care.
Examined the label and read what was there.
“To Stephen, From Santa” was all that it said.
A wash of confusion, a scratch of my head.

It was then that I heard a voice from behind.
I whirled around quickly and who did I find?
A large, bearded man, I felt so perplexed.
Said the red-suited man, “How’s your new Moto X?”

I stared without speaking, with slack in my jaw.
Was I really here speaking with the Santa Claus?
“I love it so much! My mind is now blown!”
“But what have I done to deserve such a phone?”

“Well,” Santa said. “Here’s what I know.”
“You’ve made the ‘nice list’ 30 years in a row.”
“And though a good man, one fact, sad but true.”
“You’ve had the same phone since two-thousand-and-two!”

I blushed when I heard these words that he spoke.
For years now I’d been the butt of phone jokes.
Friends, family and strangers, their merciless taunts.
Now I had the smartphone that they all would want.

I turned to depart, but was stopped in my tracks.
“But first, a favor,” is what Santa asked.
“Of course!” I replied. “Just say the word.”
He pointed to X and here’s what I heard.

“That phone in your hand is my own device.”
“Which I give to you merrily, without thinking twice.”
“But the evening is young and I’ve much to do.”
“So please, would you help, and ride with me, too?”

That’s when I got it—he needed this phone.
To zip all around and bring joy to all homes.
With this I leapt up, as if by reflex.
“Let’s make Christmas happen with my Moto X!”

I mapped our long journey and spoke texts with the elves.
Took brilliant photos and selfied ourselves.
Updated Facebook to fill the news feed.
All of this running at lightning-fast speeds.

Moto Voice, Actions, Display, and Assist.
We worked through the night until nothing was missed.
I called out below toward the end of our flight.
“Moto Xmas to all, and to all, a good night!”
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