Check out the latest Android Wear update for Moto 360: Designer watch faces, Theater mode, Sunlight mode, and more.

Though the design of your Moto 360 may be timeless, the software for the watch doesn’t have to be. Instead, it continues to get better and better. Last month we gave you more choice for your Moto 360 including new bands, watch faces, and a new feature called Moto Body. Today, we’re announcing a new update to Android Wear that brings you even more ways to customize your Moto 360 while improving the performance.

With this upgrade you can now choose from a variety of beautiful, new third-party watch faces through the Google Play Store, created by designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Xogram. You can even choose a fun watch face from the makers of one of the most popular Android games Plants vs. ZombiesTM. This is in addition to the existing ability to design your own watch face through Moto Connect. Once you receive the update, there will be a link to the watch faces collection in the Android Wear companion app.

The update also introduces new settings. Swiping down from the top of the screen brings new features like Theatre mode, which turns the display off even when receiving notifications, and Sunlight mode, which temporarily maximizes brightness. You can also manage interruptions and access deeper settings quickly. And if you have a phone running Android 5.0, Lollipop, the choices you make on your Moto 360 automatically change the Interruptions setting on your phone.

Here are some of the other highlights you can expect after installing the update:

  • Undo the accidental dismissal of notification cards.
  • Get more information about watch battery performance including usage by apps and features.
  • Info about storage space including how much memory is available on the watch.

For more information check out the release notes. Or for more on Motorola updates and repairs, visit

Update: We are enhancing this most recent update to Android Wear with a new, optimized build that squashes a few bugs. Some users reported that some watch faces appear off center on their Moto 360. This affects users who are using different language settings on their watch and phone. It is now fixed. We are rolling out this update to users in phases, and all users should have it by the end of the week.

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