14 Things You Can Do on One DROID Turbo Battery Charge

There’s a yet-to-be-named emotion—somewhere between panic, despair, sorrow, and isolation—that can only be felt when our smartphones die. Our phones are our connections to the world. When that connection is lost, so are we.

To keep you connected at all times, we built the new DROID Turbo with a huge 3900 mAh battery—the largest battery of any smartphone—that gives you up to 48 hours of battery life (assuming mixed usage of email, web browsing, apps, texting, calling, etc., that you may typically use in any given day).

Two days is a long time. And that got us thinking: What kind of fun and epic adventures could you get into on a single charge of the DROID Turbo?

Here are just a few:

  • Fly from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, take a photo of the famous Sydney Opera House, then fly home.
  • Drive from Portland, Maine to Seattle, Washington.
  • Ride every New York City subway line from start to finish.
  • Bike from Chicago to Pittsburgh.
  • Bake about 60 batches of brownies.
  • Walk across Massachusetts (to work off all those brownies).
  • Listen to your favorite pop song on repeat about 800 times.
  • Watch all eight movies about the adventures of a certain boy wizard and his friends. Twice.
  • Roast a 400-pound pig
  • Shuck 14,000 oysters (assuming your oyster-shucking skills are sound).
  • Learn five common Italian phrases, fly to Rome, use them all as you explore the city.
  • Ride Japan’s 8133-foot “Steel Dragon 2000” roller coaster 720 times.
  • Do 172,800 jumping jacks.

Use your new DROID Turbo. A lot.

What did we miss? Share your ideas for what you can accomplish in two days on Twitter using #My48Hours!

Posted by Jim Thiede, Product Marketing

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