Black Friday Survival Guide: 6 ways to fend off the monstrous crowds

One Friday every year, they roam the store aisles, bleary-eyed, mouths agape, arms outstretched as they grope for discounted items to fill their shopping carts. You can be quickly overwhelmed. Or, worse, be turned into one of these desperate souls. The single-minded, dull-eyed Black Friday shoppers shambling after the next deal.

Don’t let this happen to you. Armed with some Motorola devices and a vigilant attitude, you can survive the hordes this holiday season. Here’s how:

1. Gather intelligence. Anytime you’re standing still, locked in indecision, you are vulnerable. Never get caught wondering if you can buy the same thing for cheaper somewhere else. Apps like ShopSavvy and RedLaser let you scan barcodes and compare prices at other stores, while PriceGrabber compares in-store prices to sales across the Internet. Be aware that this level of savviness may also make you a target! Watch out for people looking over your shoulder and following you through the store.

2. Know the terrain. First, know your closest exit at all times. Second, plan your Black Friday with surgical efficiency. You will be hitting several stores, so download an app like ESPO route planner to optimize your path from place to place. You’ll get your shopping done twice as fast as everyone else, so you can be the first to get home and dive into Thanksgiving leftovers.

3. Stay on mission. It can be hard keeping track of what to buy all of your loved ones. You may find yourself in the store browsing, wondering if they would like this thing or that. Before you know it, you’re one of the zombies staggering aimlessly through the aisles. Preserve your humanity with a nifty gift list app. Dictate gift ideas the moment they strike using Moto Hint, monitor what you’ve spent and who you still need to shop for, and share lists with others. Shop like you’re on a mission. Because you are.

4. Track your vitals. The intensity of Black Friday is enough to make anyone’s heart race. Which might make you wonder what your new, accelerated heart rate is. With Moto Body, you can find out. If your signs are good, keep on shopping. To get Moto Body, just get the update on Moto Connect for your Moto 360.

5. If you’re low on juice. Panic is the enemy! Take a deep breath. You have a Power Pack Slim. It lets you charge up. It’s lightweight, compact and you can even charge a buddies phone at the same time. Wait… you didn’t get a Power Pack Slim? Okay, maybe you should panic now.

6. Or just remain indoors. If it all seems too dangerous to venture out, close the blinds, lock the doors and lie low until Cyber Monday for some sweet deals. Why fight the zombie crowds when you can shop right from your phone? Plus, you still have all those leftovers to eat…

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