Nice Gifts for Naughty Loved Ones

We love them dearly, but there are those people in our lives who have a talent for driving us absolutely nuts. She’s constantly late. He talks too loud. She slurps her coffee—it could be anything.
We know you wouldn’t put people on your “naughty” list for such trivial things, and coal is too harsh a gift for such friends. So allow us to suggest a few holiday gift ideas that may help tip things back toward nice:
The Friend: The Multitasker
You don’t know where you are in time or space when you’re with this friend. He’s answering emails, cooking dinner, vacuuming the floor, and tending to his dog pack all at once—and Lucky You becomes designated Phone Answerer, Stand-In Texter, Navigator, and general Keeper of the Phone.The Gift: Moto Hint, a tiny and stylish wireless earbud, will let her use his phone while his hands are full, and save you from being drafted into duty as an emergency pack mule. (Using Hint with Moto X, he’ll even be able to use his phone using his voice with Touchless Control or using gestures Voice Actions!)moto_stereo_earbuds
The Friend: The Media Mogul
He loves music, video, and games—which would be fine if he weren’t always blaring it at top volume, even when other people (read: you and the whole entire restaurant) aren’t necessarily enjoying it as much as he is. The Gift: Time to nip this in the bud. Literally. With stereo earbuds. In fact, you can get deals on great sounding Motorola wired and wireless earbuds and more with our two-day music sale, when all music products are 50% off.

The Friend: The Klutz
Everyday life is an extreme sport for this friend: She trips, bumbles, and fumbles her way through life, leaving a good-natured trail of destruction. She goes through glassware like Kleenex. Her smartphone seems to have a regular meeting with the pavement.

The Gift: A sturdy case cover should help keep that phone looking fresh, even if it takes the occasional fall. If he’s a real disaster-magnet, turn him on to Motorola’s Moto Care Accident Protection.

If his phone is past the point of no return, go for the trifecta: a new Motorola device with a case and Moto Care Accident Protection. It’s the best you can do short of covering him in bubble wrap.

The Friend: The Power User
She lives through her phone and she drives it to the very limit, using it to run every aspect of her life all day long. At the end of the day, she’s sweating bullets as her battery hits the red line.

The Gift: A portable Power Pack will keep her connected. She can even use it to charge two devices at once. If she doesn’t want to carry around a full size Power Pack, try the svelte Power Pack Slim, which will let her carry backup power right on her keychain.

The Friend: The Color Coordinator
His shirt, tie and socks all match. Always. Heaven forbid something clash with the color scheme of the day!

The Gift: Enter Moto G. It’s a powerful, affordable smartphone, and it features an available assortment of swappable accessory backs. So he can match his phone with the rest of the ensemble, whatever he chooses.

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