Finding Your Phone With the New Motorola Keylink

 Here’s an old situation: you haven’t gone very far but you know you’re missing something. You check your pockets, maybe rifle through your bag. Where did your phone go?


Here’s a new solution: Motorola Keylink.


Keylink is a small device that you attach to your keychain. Using the Motorola Connect app on your phone, you can connect your keys to your phone in case either tends to wander off. * If your phone decides to play hide and seek with you, you can press a button on Keylink to make it ring up to 100 feet away. Or if your keys get a similar idea, you can use the Motorola Connect App to make Keylink ring.

The great thing is Keylink is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Simply download the Motorola Connect app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today to get started.

If you own a Moto X (2nd gen.), Droid Turbo or a phone running Android 5.0, Lollipop, you can use your trusted device settings to enable the added ability to keep your phone unlocked when your keys are nearby. This way you don’t have to enter your password to use it. Just enable trusted devices by going into settings and then security.The battery lasts upwards of a year and you can replace it with a coin cell battery found in any local drug or convenience store.

You can purchase one for $24.99 at and T-Mobile starting today.

*For Android phone it requires Android version 4.3 or later; for iOS phones it requires iOS version 7.1 or later. The Motorola Connect app (downloadable from the Google Play™ store or the Apple App store) and a compatible Bluetooth Smart device. Feature enabled for devices up to 100 feet apart.


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