The Halloween party is tonight, and you’ve been too busy to come up with a clever costume idea.

Fear not! That’s plenty to work with. A little resourcefulness and your phone can go a long way to making a crazy awesome costume.

Where Is Thy Sting?
With your phone out of sight, turn its volume way up, and play this. Then spend the entire evening swatting at an imaginary bee. Amp it up with a little red makeup to add a few bee stings to your arms, neck, and face. Bee careful not to get stung.

Tweet, Tweet 
Place your smartphone in the inside pocket of a coat and play this with the volume turned up. Pad the pocket with a small towel to give it an ever-so-soft chick-like bulk. Carry on normal conversation with friends, pausing only to pull bread crumbs from another pocket that you’ll use to “feed these cute little things.” You said you wanted something creepy, didn’t you?

Everybody Loves a Photo Booth 
Affix your smartphone to your chest with the screen facing out. Open your camera app and switch to the rear camera. Let people queue up and take selfies. For partygoers who didn’t get in the spirit and dress up, carry a small bag with you that includes accessories like make-up, a feather boa, fun hats, sunglasses, props. Moto Voice users will have the added benefit of doing all of this hands free (just say “take a selfie!”).

A Superhero We Can’t Name (But Know You’ll Figure Out)
Let’s say that copyright law prohibited us from naming a certain superhero. And let’s say that a visit to a certain element 26 on the periodic table would get you started on an idea. Let’s say you installed a free wallpaper on your device, tucked it under a tight black t-shirt, penciled on a thin black beard and moustache, and voila—you know what we’re talking about, man.

Tell us, what simple costume ideas can you think of? Share your zany costume ideas with us. Enter to win a Moto X when you share your costume on Twitter with the hashtag #MotoHalloween and #MyMotoX!

Posted by The Motorola Blog Team

Photo by Christopher Deutschler (Twitter: @ChrstphrDtschlr)

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