Summer moments are for savoring—which is why we love capturing them on our Moto phones!

As does Miguel R, a Moto X user from Kew Gardens, New York, on Google+. He’s beautifully captured and composed some classic summer moments—sunbursts, grassy fields, sunset-drenched lakes, and more, as you can see above. You can almost feel the warm rays on your face when you look at his photos.

So we asked Miguel for some of his favorite tips for taking photos on Moto X. Here are his top five:
  1. Clean the camera lens. Sounds simple, but it’s more important than you think!
  2. Set the camera to HDR mode. This will make your photo look even more vibrant. The feature works especially well for scenes without motion.
  3. Manually adjust the exposure to create the desired look. You can turn on “Control Focus and Exposure” in Camera settings. Drag the circle to highlight your subject and the focus and lighting will adjust accordingly.
  4. Prop up the camera. Use two hands or find something stable to set it on.
  5. Never take just one photo. Take a few to make sure you have a good selection to choose from.
Miguel’s biggest tip? “Just experiment with those things and hopefully these tips, as simple and obvious as they may seem, can help others take better photographs,” he says.
Thanks for the tips, Miguel!
How about you? Try these tips out and let us know what you think! What are your secrets to taking a great shot on your phone?
Posted by Noelle Chun, Motorola Social Media Team
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