#MotoFriends: Spotlight on Alex Pasquarella

Warm rays, long days, and no school—what better reasons to celebrate summer for those of us in our hottest seasons. That was the thinking of Moto fan Alex Pasquarella who was inspired to share some Motorola-themed wallpaper designs to help people personalize their phones.

Alex kicks off a new series: #MotoFriends, in which we spotlight you, our users, and the cool stuff you do.

Alex is a designer who creates awesome phone wallpapers for his website. He’s made a number of Moto-inspired styles to deck out your phone (download his Moto Pack, Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3). Now he presents some beautiful Motorola summer wallpapers to dress your Moto phone for warm weather.

Name: Alex Pasquarella

Age: 20

Occupation: Systems Manager and Graphic Designer

Where I Live: Rochester, NY

Favorite Motorola Product (and color scheme): Moto X with white front and back

In his own words: “I was first inspired by the Moto X’s boot animation, which sort of places the Motorola logo as the earth. I also figured ‘Celebrate your summer with Motorola’ would be a good tagline to have in mind while conceptualizing the design. With that in mind, the idea of Motorola’s products and innovation surrounding you throughout daily outdoor activities prompted me to allude it to the sun, since it is an overbearing symbol of summer that encompasses everything we do.”

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