It’s Time To Ditch The Lazy Phone

Moto X: New Ads, New Availability and Moto Match

The world is full of lazy phones. Phones that blink at you most of the day and sleep the rest. These phones make you do all the work.

Does this look familiar?

See more Lazy Phone ads for Active Display and Quick Capture.

That’s why Moto X was built with one thing in mind – you. It responds to you…it does things for you…it’s designed by you.

Want information? It pulses with what’s important at a glance. Want to get directions, search the web, call a friend? Just talk and it responds to your voice – no touching necessary. Want Moto X to match the colors of your favorite kicks or sports team? Design it that way yourself.

Moto X is all about you and it’s all about choice. That choice includes the wireless carrier you want.

Moto X is now available in the US at AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless – and starting today – T-Mobile via If you’d like to create a phone that’s uniquely yours through Moto Maker, the design experience is currently available with AT&T.

Outside the US, Moto X is also on-sale at Rogers in Canada, Claro in Puerto Rico, Vivo in Brazil, and at Movistar in Chile (also available at Claro in Chile later this week). Additionally, we’ll be announcing more availability across Latin America shortly.

In the meantime, check out Moto Match, our new Facebook and real-life Booth Experience. Moto Match uses color detection technology to create a Moto X based on your style.

On Facebook, Moto Match is the first phone configurator that allows you to use Facebook photos to quickly and easily create a customized Moto X that truly reflects your personal style. Simply choose a favorite pic from your Facebook timeline, and the app will do the rest by identifying the photo’s most prominent colors and creating Moto X to match. You can create as many designs as you like and share them with your friends, not only on Facebook but Pinterest too.

In the Moto Match Booth (below), fashionistas step in and the screen recognizes what you’re wearing, then picks a Moto X to match your look. You can then personalize the photo with your signature and email the image to share with your friends or purchase it later.

The Moto Match Booth is debuting this week at Milk Studios during MADE fashion week. Follow #MotoXMADE on Twitter to find out how you can win tickets to the closing event or come by Milk Studios to try the Moto X on for size.

Whether on Facebook or at the Booth, Moto Match has built in social sharing components and will also help you purchase a device by driving you directly to our website or sending you an email with your design so you can buy it later.

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