Designed for the multi-tasker: our newest wireless and power accessories

We’ve been in the smartphone business a long time, and we know how important accessories can be, like when you need a hands-free headset so you can talk safely while on-the-go or when you need a spare battery to keep you powered up through the longest of days. Today, we’re excited to bring you our latest line of wireless and power accessories, developed to make the most of your smartphone.

We’re all multi-taskers: we make phone calls while running errands and catch up with friends during our commute. With our new Motorola Sliver II wireless headset, you’re always connected, while keeping your hands free for whatever the task may be. Building on the success of the original Elite Sliver headset, the Sliver II has the same discreet design that tucks behind your ear and is virtually unnoticeable. Because not everyone’s ear is the same shape, we’ve added an adjustable speaker stem that fits perfectly to your individual size. HD audio means crystal-clear sound and superior call quality, no matter your surroundings. A long-lasting battery lets you chat for up to five hours and, when used with the portable charging carrying case, you get up to 14 hours of talk time.

And then there’s the BluetoothTM power user: the on-the-go business professional. Grabbing your morning coffee, catching the train or running from one meeting to the next? You’re probably taking a call while doing it, which can prove to be a challenge for you and the person on the other line. Enter the 4-mic Motorola Whisper wireless headset, designed with a retractable boom that delivers state-of-the-art audio quality and clarity. The powerful noise-cancellation technology means you’ll always be heard during those critical meetings, even if you’re stuck at the raucous airport terminal during a flight delay, and the battery will last for up to six hours, enough for even the longest of quarterly earning calls.

If you’re looking to go hands-free just some of the time, the new Motorola Boom wireless headset offers an easy-to-use flip design at an affordable price. Simply flip open when you want to talk, and flip closed when you’re done. You can talk for up to six hours on one charge and choose from multiple wearing styles.

We’ve all been there – you go to use your phone and you are unpleasantly surprised to learn barely any battery remains. Or you grab your tablet to help you enjoy a long plane ride, only to find that its dead. We hate that, and know you do too, which is why we’re continuing our line of portable power accessories.

Our Motorola Power Pack Slim series is here to rescue you from power drain, letting you recharge any Android-powered, Apple or Windows phone, camera, or tablet. It comes in two sizes, so you can pick which works best for you: the 2000 charges the average smartphone battery at least once* and the 4000 can charge up a smartphone at least twice*. Super-thin and pocketable, the Power Pack Slim can even charge two devices at once.

For those of you who just can’t get enough power, we’re introducing the Motorola Power Pack series. They may not be as thin as our Slim series but they are just as convenient and pack extra charge. The 3000 can charge your phone up to one and a half times* and the 6000 can charge your phone a whopping three times*. We’re also planning to make the 3000 available in six fun accent colors.

Motorola Sliver II and Motorola Whisper are available for purchase at AT&T stores starting today and they’ll be also available at Best Buy stores starting September 1. Motorola Boom will be available at Best Buy stores starting August 4. The Motorola Power Pack and Power Pack Slim series will be available at and select retailers later this year, starting with an exclusive black and red version of the Power Pack Slim series that’s coming to Verizon stores mid-August. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

*Based on average smartphone battery size of 1500 mAh

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